•  Watch Dorothy Roberts’ October Lecture

    In October 2014, MCSPI and the Bourns Lectureship in Bioethics partnered to bring Dorothy Roberts, George A. Weiss University Professor of Law and Sociology at UPenn, to McMaster to speak on the new biopolitics of race.

    In this talk, titled “Fatal Invention,” Roberts examines how the myth of the biological concept of race – revived by purportedly cutting-edge science, race-specific drugs, genetic testing, and DNA databases – continues to undermine a just society and promote inequality in a supposedly “post-racial” era.

    Click here to watch Roberts’ fabulous lecture.


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  • Check out our student’s projects from our 2013 “war on youth” summer institute

    Last summer, MCSPI ran an interdisciplinary Summer Institute that invited undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in youth-related research to work collaboratively with major researchers and public intellectuals to generate new scholarship and innovative modes of public communication related to the research theme of “the war on youth.” Students explored how young people around the globe in the twenty-first century are growing up in circumstances characterized by a range of precarious conditions that include ecological catastrophes, increasing levels of poverty and debt, the rise of a youth punishment and incarceration mentality, expanding commercial media and advertising networks, widening social inequalities, and under resourced health care and education systems, conditions that are especially dire for youth whose contexts are informed and shaped in different ways by geographic location, wealth, class, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and (dis)ability.


    In completing the Institute, our students wrote research papers on diverse topics related to the subject of the war on youth. We are now excited to make their papers publicly available on our website here. 

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  • Disposable Life Lecture
    Henry A. Giroux

    This lecture with the Centre’s director, Henry A. Giroux, is part of the stunning “Disposable Life” project, launched in January 2014 by MCSPI Advisory Board Member Brad Evans’ Histories of Violence initiativeIn this interview, Dr. Giroux takes up disposability through its relationship with the myriad forms of neoliberal violence, staying especially attentive to the tragic effects they, together, have had on the poor, minorities, and young people.

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