Deborah Britzman

Distinguished Research Professor; Psychoanalyst, York University

Deborah Britzman is Distinguished Research Professor at York University and a practicing psychoanalyst. Her area of research concerns topics in psychoanalysis, social theory, and education. Author of seven books and numerous articles, Britzman’s interest is in the emotional situation of education and so as specifying a theory of learning that accounts for the affective approaches to understanding difficult knowledge or encountering representations of the breakdown of social meaning through humanly induced historical catastrophe. Further, Britzman’s work focuses on the teacher’s or professor’s approach to historical trauma and social reparation as it plays out in pedagogical relations. Her current Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada project is titled, “Psychoanalytic studies in the emotional world of teaching and learning at the university.” Check out Britzman’s fabulous interview with the Freire International Project for Critical Pedagogy.